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-IT professionals can do wonder - Once technology person starts understanding business aspects, a new something takes birth. Yes, www.eFashionKart.com is a dream of IT professionals like you who developed business sense, formed entrepreneurial team and thought to share their technology, tool and delivery knowledge to the world.

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A Brand new way of Selling/Buying Online

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Find Catalog, exciting promotions, discounts and coupons to buy Fashion Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Watches and Gifts on eFashionKart online platform.

Discount Reminder

- Notifies customers instantly when a price on a product is lowered and matches their wish price.

How it Works? Discount Reminder lets customers register an email address for an instant email alert if they are interested in purchasing a product at eFashionKart store, however at this moment the price is not suitable for them. When a price for a product is decreased, customers will obtain an automate notification about this on their email.

Small button is displayed at the product details page of the store. In case of clicking on the button a pop-up window is opened, in this pop-up widow a customer can indicate his email, percentage of a desirable discount or exact required price and a term within which he is ready to wait for decreasing of a price.


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-eFashionKart Team

Launch of eFashionKart - Online Fashion Jewellery, Watches and Gifts Store

-Welcome to the world of fashion, jewellery, watches and gifts.

24 Jun 2014: We are proud to announce the launch of "eFashionKart - An online shopping platform for fashion lovers" in collaboration with Gitanjali Gifts (world’s largest integrated branded jewelry manufacturer and retailer) and other premium brands.

The online shop is showcasing more than 1000 items comprising of Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, Tanmaniya, Cufflinks and wrist watches for him and her. It also offers a range of contemporary spiritual artifacts and gifts crafted in resin and terracotta with gold and silver ornamentation.

Below are the highlights of the site:

  • Easy Browsing and Search Tools – by Category, Brands, Price, Best Selling, Material and other parameters.
  • Offers a large collection of Silver & Steel Fashion Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Premium Designer Watches & Gifts.
  • Choices & Variety of products for all occasions for him and her in economical price range.
  • Participation of India’s most well known brands.
  • All goods are certified and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Discounted price, deals & offers - Do not miss once in a lifetime Inaugural offers.
  • Free Shipping Anywhere in India. International shipping is also available worldwide at reasonable cost.

We Ship Worldwide

Participation of India’s most well known brands

Fashion Jewellery Lucera, Revv, Hoop
Spiritual Artifacts Adler & Roth
Diamond Jewellery Nakshatra, Amore, Asmi, D'damas, Diya, G'Divas, Gili, Menz, Nizaam, Parineeta, Sangini, Me Jewels, World of Solitaires, Nirvana, Viola
Designer Watches Morellato, Just Cavalli, Miss Sixty, Sector, Chronostar

 About some of the Brands being initially launched on this fashion platform.

15% Off - Launch Offer

A range of contemporary artifacts depicting spiritual symbols and religious deities crafted in resin and terracotta with gold and silver ornamentation. The design and finish speaks of a rich European heritage yet has a modern and very contemporary feel.

The pieces both traditional and trendy and make for ideal gifts that are both decorative and symbolic with a unique signature style and an elegant, premium look and feel.

25% Off - Launch Offer

LUCERA is a brainchild of Gitanjali group offering a range of mainly silver jewellery in work, pret and evening collections to complement varying moods of independent and fashion conscious women of today.

Crafted in sterling silver, 18K gold and diamonds each piece matches up to the highest international standards. The diamonds used in LUCERA jewellery are certified by IGL; while the cubic zirconia are of the finest quality in the world of Signity.

The range comprises necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and finger-rings, studded with white and olive cubic zirconia and pearls. The 27 designs in sterling silver truly recall classics of the Victorian era.

35% Off - Introductory Offer

Creative designs of Hoop Jewellery from the house of Gitanjali have always met the needs of the current fashion trends of the youth residing in small towns and metropolitan cities. Besides rendering a modern look, designs of Hoop speak about old Indian traditions and cultures.

Start a collection of your must haves with this lovely Hoop Jewellery. Crafted in silver 925, these lovely jewellery feature dazzling cubic zircons Silver that add on to their appeal and brilliance. Wear them with your favourite outfits and be ready to get noticed for all the right reasons.

25% Off - Introductory Offer

REVV is the most unique brand from the house of Gitanjali, a cutting edge jewelry collection for men that combines alternative metals with unforgettable flair at affordable price.

REVV offers striking designs for the bold and handsome, steel being among the most sought after metals in the fashion industry these days. They appeal to the evolving youth of today, bringing together elegance and beauty of line with the lustre, muscularity and durability of steel. The range features men's rings, pendants, bracelets and cuff links.

-Stay tuned for more premium brands and products including diamond jewellery and watches.

With family and friends, the celebration of eFashionKart.com launch was filled with entertaining term of events and proved to be a booming success. Show must go on. We need you all still more. Be with us. Be our support and keep encouraging us.

-Please enjoy precious jewellery and gifts for precious moments that remain as pleasant lasting memory for your loved ones.

Written by Nidhi Gupta — June 24, 2014



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