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Product Features

Own this lovely piece of Ganesh Bhalchandra Idol from Adler & Roth. The intricate designs and delicate filigree work of the ornamentation give each piece an exotic and exclusive finish. Every item is specially created by a team of skilled craftsmen using the finest quality 925 purity silver.

  • Style No: ANRBR-114
  • Color: Grey
  • Product Height: 6 Inches
  • Metal: Brass
  • Model Material: Resin
  • Base Material: Marble

About the Adler & Roth Brand

A range of contemporary artifacts depicting spiritual symbols and religious deities crafted in resin and terracotta with gold and silver ornamentation. The design and finish speaks of a rich European heritage yet has a modern and very contemporary feel.

The pieces both traditional and trendy and make for ideal gifts that are both decorative and symbolic with a unique signature style and an elegant, premium look and feel.


Style No:ANRBR-114,Color:Grey,Product Height:6 Inches,Metal:Brass,Model Material:Resin,Base Material:Marble


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